Jewish Restaurant Moshe in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
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Sunny Beach
Location of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Jewish restaurant Moshe Jewish restaurant “Moshe” is located in the mere center of Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach resort is located in the southern part of the Black sea coast, in a wide and picturesque circle-shaped gulf opened to the East. Its coastline is 8 km long and wider than 100 meters at places. The Northern part of Sunny Beach reaches the most eastern highlands of the Stara Planina massif. It creates a wonderful combination of sea atmosphere and fresh mountain air. Nessebar, the ancient city situated on a semi-island is located in the southern part of the resort. It is an architectural and historical monument, included in the world’s historical inheritance list under the aegis of UNESCO. Sunny beach is 40 km away from the district city Burgas and 30 minutes away from Burgas airport in Sarafovo neighborhood, 434 km away from Bulgaria’s capital - Sofia and 90 km away from Varna city.

Nature, climate and water resources

sunny beach Sunny Beach is a bearer of the prestigious medal “Blue Flag”- acknowledgement for preserved clean environment. This is one of the few places on the Black sea coast where you can still see sand dunes, in which over 16 types of vegetables grow. Resort’s beach is from fine yellow- golden sand; the sea- bottom is with a slight inclination and is very convenient for swimming. Climate is marine- soft winter and dry, hot summer. The recreational mountain air and sea breeze refresh the dry and hot days and make nights pleasant and cool. The average annual sunshine duration is around 2300 hours and in July and August the day duration reaches 10.5- 11 hours.

History and culture of Sunny Beach

sunny beach The establishment of the resort begins in 1958. Sunny beach gains national and international popularity fast. The international festival for popular song “Zlaten Orfei” is held there in the period 1967-1999. Traditionally each year days of symphonic music as a part of the international folklore festival, fashion shows, and many beach contests are organized.

Tourism in Sunny Beach

sunny beach Sunny Beach is the most dynamically developing resort on the Bulgarian Black coast. In the last five years over 1 billion euro were invested in it in order to turn it into a resort compared with the coasts of Southern France and Spain. Currently Sunny Beach has over 300 hotels, a few camping sites, and many amusement places. The variety of places for accommodation and food is amazing- from smaller, cozy and peaceful hotels to luxurious castles with well- maintained parks and pools with mini aqua parks, restaurants and shops; from isolated places with live music to elegant, chic restaurants, modern bars and night clubs in which the party goes on until dawn. Streets in the resort are turned into pedestrian zones during the whole season. Tourists that have visited Sunny Beach can have a walk by autotrain, cycle rickshaws or a romantic carriage. You will find a lot of shops in the resort from which to buy a souvenir, clothes, jewelries, food and everything you need.


sunny beach All that water sports fans can desire- yacht, surf, water skis, cruises, paraplanners, diving, jet, water bicycle, flying over water on a” banana “ or tasting a cooling cocktail in some of the cheerful bars- you just can’t be bored at the beach! If you still prefer playing tennis, volleyball, bowling or golf, to ride or go carting- the well- maintained sports facilities are at your disposal.

Architecture and building

sunny beach The road Nessebar- Elenite divides Sunny Beach resort to two main zones- zone “East” and zone ” West”. In the Eastern part of the city most hotels and holiday homes which were built during its establishment are concentrated. All of them are renovated and offer contemporary conveniences to their guests. In the recent years giant hotel complexes with parks and pools, trade centers, bars and night clubs, mini golf and tennis courts and others were built between the older buildings. The colours of the buildings shade into a colorful faery under the bright sunshine which leaves the feeling of complete lightness. At the same time each of the buildings has characteristic features. The styles vary from the traditional Nesseber style through the Mediterranean architecture to the contemporary shapes. In the Western part between Nessebar- Elenite and the main road Burgas-Varna the construction is mainly new buildings- luxurious apart-hotels, villa complexes and hotels. Large scale construction of big holiday complexes offering additional services, sunny beach sports facilities and attractions is expected in western direction from Sunny Beach towards the villages Tanokovo and Kosharica. The zone deemed slightly attractive because of its remoteness from the sea currently is becoming the only alternative for development of Sunny Beach. The sea is to the East and to the North and South the resort borders St. Vlas and Nessebar. Investors, in their search for alternatives of the sea holiday rely on different amusements like golf, horse riding, aqua parks, and water sport facilities on the artificial lake. The infrastructure in the eastern part of the resort is well-developed while in the western there are still places where it is not built because of constant construction work.